CR7508 Ground Fault Current Sensing Relay - UL Listed

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The CR7508 series Ground Fault Sensor, provides a reliable and cost effective method for sensing ground fault currents. Ground fault sensors help to protect equipment and processes from potentially harmful ground fault currents. The CR7508 monitors the differential current of the current carrying wires routed through the current transformer.

The CR7508 offers a wide range of either an adjustable or fixed trip threshold. Upon sensing a ground fault current above the trip threshold the red LED illuminates and the Form C relay changes states providing an output signal.

The CR7508 series is rated as a UL 1053 Class 1 device.


Price: $366.76
  • CR7508
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  • Wide range of selectable trip thresholds
  • Adjustable delay time
  • Optional latching mechanism
  • Changeable Form C relay state logic
  • Green and Red LED indicators for no fault and fault conditions
  • Integrated Ground-Fault test circuit for functionality verification
  • Internal or External Current Transformer with locking mechanism
  • Optional 35mm DIN rail mount adapter


  • Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment (GFPE)
  • Marinas and boatyards
  • Snow and Ice melt systems
  • Switchgear
  • Localized branch circuit fault protection
  • UL 508A panels