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3500 Scarlet Oak Blvd. St. Louis MO USA 63122 V: 636-343-8518 F: 636-343-5119



The Professional

Energy Monitoring


ISO 9001:2008QualityManagementSystem


Technical Expertise and Support

CR Magnetics staff includes engineering and technical professionals who

bring a century’s worth of experience in the electrical monitoring and

power measurement industry. This experience provides our customers with

solutions in solving the most difficult application challenge.

All CR Magnetics parts meet the lead-free and other dangerous chemical requirements of


. Our most popular products carry




, and


certifications. Our facilities also

include the necessary equipment including high-pot testing, environmental testing, and load

testing to be able to provide our customers the information and source they need when

exploring custom solutions that require agency approvals. Our experience in working with

certified bodies make implementing new and exciting monitoring schemes much easier and


CR Magnetics staff includes quality monitoring and assurance personnel.

These personnel have no other function than to make sure our products

are maintained with the highest quality level possible. All quality issues

are tabulated from customers, employees, and suppliers. Documentation

maintained includes customer complaints, corrective actions, and fully

traceable materials from supplier through customer. Statistical process

control is utilized in the winding, potting, and calibration areas, controlled

by documented setups, and re-verified on a regular basis. All procedures

are maintained and referenced in an industry standard quality manual.

Our fully


traceable lab consists of six testing stations, each with laboratory

grade closed loop controlled power system references that are used to provide

exacting baseline inputs for proper calibration of all our products. These stations

can create the identical situation faced in the field by our customers, including any

voltage, current, or frequency level. The shape and form of these signals can also

be adjusted to provide data on how our products react in these situations. CR

Magnetics also maintains the proper power meter testing equipment which is

designed to meet the parallellogram method of the


grade meters, as well as

an engineering based test system to verify absolute phase angle shifts with initial

inductance measurement of our sensing transformers. These stations are specifically

designed to provide the correct specifications for our products when applied in

unique or common applications.

CR Magnetics Focus on Service and Technology