The 600 & 601 Series Split Core Current Transformers are designed for assembly to an existing electrical installation without the need for dismantling the primary bus or cables.

Proper safety precautions must be followed during installation by a trained electrician. Never install while bus is energized. The current transformer must have its secondary terminals short circuited or the burden connected, before energizing the primary circuit.
600 & 601 Series
Price: $320.11
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  • Construction: The core and windings are encased in UL approved plastic
  • Terminals: 8-32 brass studs with one flatwasher and two regular nuts
  • Flexible Leads: UL 1015 105° C, CSA approved, #16 AWG, 24” long unless otherwise specified


  • Frequency: 50-400Hz
  • Insulation Level: 0.6 kV, BIL 10 kV full wave
  • Continuous Thermal Current Rating Factor: 1.33 at 30° C amb 1.00 at 55° C amb
  • Approximate Weight: 1.5 lbs.


  • For Energy Management Systems and Instrumentation