Designed as a economical method for providing a visual indication and measurement of electrical current flow, the CRM1000 series Current Mark Display high efficiency, 7 LED light bar illuminates as the current approaches full scale range of 25 AAC or 50 AAC.


Price: $69.00
  • CRM1000
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  • Self Powered
  • Quick Visual Marking of AC Current
  • Compact
  • Low Cost for high Volume OEM Applications


  • 50 AAC Max, 600 VAC Max rating
  • Thermoplastic Case Material
  • 50 - 2000 Hz Bandwidth
  • -30C to +60C Operating Temperature
  • -55C to +85C Storage Temperature
  • Display is supplied in mounting case with LED attached to current sensing transformer.
  • Regulatory Agencies


  • Monitor Status of Heater Elements
  • Observe Remote Loads
  • Indicate Phase Loss
  • Monitor Motor Operation