Electrical Monitoring Products

Data Stream Digital Transducers

The DATA STREAM series of digital transducers are some of the industry’s most advanced devices to measure and monitor electrical power systems. Available in multi-function and single function designs, these products sense Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Real Watts, VARS, and Frequency in a single compact package. The data is then sent over an RS485 bus to other digital based systems for monitoring and controls. A simple command interface using short ASCII commands tells the device to send its data. Full user control over baud rate, scaling, and addressing is available. An optional Modbus design is also available for industry standard control and data systems. All types of electrical systems can be measured, including single, and 3 phase systems, as well as DC systems.

Analog Transducers

CR Magnetics Analog Transducers are cost effective devices designed to be building blocks for the designer who needs accurate and stable monitoring of electrical properties. The product line includes Voltage, Current, Power, and Frequency measuring devices. Each product is available with either a process level 0-5VDC output, or a process loop 4-20mA output. Selfpowered, loop powered, and supply powered devices are available. Calibration methods include True RMS sensing for noisy or variable frequency, as well as Average Sensing for loads run off utility power. Current sensing is available in split core designs so instrumentation can be added without powering down electrical systems. Products can measure single phase, three phase, and DC systems.

Relays and Switches

CR Magnetics Relays and Switches are engineered components designed to provide electrical power system sensing with a switching action output. These components are available in a wide range of configurations depending on your application needs. Proving go/no go switches, adjustable switches for limit applications, and fully adaptable relay products for safety and lockout protections. CR Magnetics also provides a full line of AC and DC level controls for a wide variety of applications including motors, loop alarms, and process monitoring. A wide variety of packaging includes DIN Rail mount, panel mount, and wire mounted versions.