CR7310 Ground Fault Current Sensing Relay

The CR7310 series, Ground Fault Sensor provides a reliable and cost effective method for sensing ground faults. The current-carrying wires are routed through the opening extending from the top of the case. When ground current reaches the level set by the trip point adjustment, the relay trips, illuminates the tripped LED and provides an output signal. A precision voltage reference circuit ensures a highly repeatable trip point. The Sensor is rated as a Class 1 device.

*An External Current Sensing Transformer is needed for the proper operation of models that designate an External Transformer
(-R1 or -R2).


Price: $180.93
  • CR7310
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  • Variable trip point and time delay
  • Monitors currents from 10 mAAC to 100AAC 
  • Electrical isolation between circuits
  • Output relay rated up to 20 Amps
  • LED trip status indicator
  • Dead band prevents relay chatter
  • Calibrated dial option available
  • External current transformers available


  • Power-On Delay: 100 ms max
  • Input Supply Power: Terminals: 2 - 1/4" Male Q C
  • Frequency: 60 to 400 Hz
  • Mechanical Life: 10 million operations, typ.@ rated load


  • Monitor electrical heater elements
  • Sense motor over/under loads
  • Detect lamp burn-out
  • Indicate phase loss
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