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Input Range  
Power Supply
CR5411S AC/DC Hall Effect Current Transducers are designed to provide a bipolar output that proportionally reflects the input bipolar current. These devices are specifically targeted to be used in applications where multi-mode current sensing is required. Ideal for closed loop applications.
Current AC Current,DC Current
Voltage Type AC Voltage
Frequency AC Frequency,DC Frequency
Split Core True
RMS True RMS,Average RMS
Elements Single Element
Outputs 0 +/- 10 VDC,0 +/- 10 VAC
Power 24 Vdc Power
Hall Effect Hall Effect
Mount DIN Rail Mount,Panel Mount


  • +/-10 Vdc or +/-10 Vac outputs
  • 24 Vdc powered
  • Use with external current transformers
  • Highest precision available
  • Connection diagram printed on case


  • Basic Accuracy: 1.0%
  • Calibration: True RMS Sensing, Average RMS, DC
  • Thermal Drift: 500 PPM/°C
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +60°C
  • Installation Category: CAT II
  • Polution Degree: 2
  • Insulation Voltage: 2500 Vdc
  • Altitude: 2000 meter max.
  • Frequency Range: DC, DC to 4KHZ, 20 Hz - 5 KHz
  • MTBF: Greater than 100 K hours
  • Cleaning: Water-dampened cloth
  • Supply Voltage: 24 Vdc ±10%
  • Output Load: 2K Ohms or Greater
  • Response Time: 0.25 ms max
  • Relative Humidity: 80% for temperatures up to 31°C and decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C


  • Multi-mode ground paths carrying both AC and DC signals
  • Feed back loop building block
  • Inverter and multi-frequency drives
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