The 613 Series Split Core Current Transformer is designed for assembly to an existing electrical installation without the need for dismantling the primary bus or cables.

The Model 613-1000T is intended for use with high input impedance devices that require signal voltages up to 5 VAC.

The output can be rectified and filtered for devices requiring DC input. The non-linearity and voltage drop of the rectifiers and filters must be considered in the choice of the loading impedance.

Proper safety precautions must be followed during installation by a trained electrician. Never install while bus is energized. The current transformer must have its secondary terminals short circuited or the burden connected, before energizing the primary circuit.
613 Series
Price: $311.22
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  • Construction: The core and windings are encased in UL approved plastic
  • Flexible Leads: UL 1015 105° C, CSA approved, #16 AWG, 24" long unless otherwise specified


  • Frequency: 50-400Hz
  • Insulation: 0.6 kV, BIL 10 kV full wave
  • Continuous Thermal Current Rating Factor
    1.33 at 30° C amb
    1.00 at 55° C amb
    Model 613-1000T:
    330A at 30° C amb
    250A at 55° C amb
  • Approximate Weight 1lb


  • For Energy Management Systems and Instrumentation Equipment